5 Tips for Styling Your Apartment in a New Property Development

5 Tips for Styling Your Apartment in a New Property Development

Published by DEICORP – 2 October 2018

As soon as you’ve signed on the dotted line for your new apartment, you’ll be thinking about how you can style it to its full potential.

Before you hit the shops or start looking for apartment decorating ideas, consider how you want your styling to work for you—because styling for property developments is a whole different ball game.

Apartment developments differ from established homes in a number of ways, and some of these features can have a big impact on your styling decisions.

For downsizers or those moving closer into the city centre, there are some clever tricks to make the most of your available space and light—ensuring your apartment feels as spacious as possible.

Getting the balance right here can be tricky—looking luxe on a budget while also incorporating family heirlooms requires some forethought.

Without your own personal touch, property developments are a blank canvas. Hone your eclectic style for a cohesive, warm apartment that reflects a unique personality.

With investors focussing more on appealing to tenants’ tastes, styling an apartment for better advertising photography is also important. By demonstrating the potential of a space through careful styling, you’ll make your property development more attractive to your future tenants and boost your rental yield.

Ensure your apartment is appealing, on-trend, and looks luxe for less with these 5 tips.

1. Breathe Life into Your Home with Plants

Indoor plants are everywhere, bringing a touch of 70s bohemia into many modern apartment developments. But there’s more to plants than just their visual appeal—you’ll need to think about which to choose.

Species that are easy to care for, will thrive in low-light environments, and can tolerate heating and air conditioning work well here.

To add some drapery throughout your interior, it’s hard to go past Devil’s Ivy. You can put them anywhere from direct sunlight to dimly-lit corners, or even outside on the balcony. With a weekly watering requirement, this is an easy-care option.

If you are not a green thumb, opt for a String of Pearls. This plant is actually a succulent, and does well with longer periods between watering.

For a statement plant in the living room, Monsteras, Strelitzias and Fiddle-Leaf-Figs are very popular. Requiring a little more attention, including watering several times a week, they’ll also need a brightly lit space out of direct sunlight.

Peace Lilies in bedrooms or dining rooms make a great option for darker places and are known for their air purification properties.

When you buy into an apartment development, keep their orientation in mind. This will influence how much natural light is available, and whether you can maximise the space of a private balcony.

Think about the conditions your plants will live in before you buy, and your plants will have a happier life.

2. Know Your Aesthetic

Property developers will rarely build within the limitations of a particular style. Instead, modern apartment developments are blank slates, ready for you to decorate according to your own taste.

Eclectic approaches can look amazing in apartment developments, as they break up common designs—but you have to understand design rules before you break them.

Spend some time browsing through magazines, Pinterest and showrooms to get a feel for the styles that you like.

Are you more scandi, mid-century, or industrial? See which styles match your existing furniture and artworks, taking plenty of pictures when you visit a showroom.

Start and update a mood board regularly to get a feel for how you can blend styles while still maintaining a sense of cohesion.

3. Maximise Space and Warmth

These should be your two guiding principles before adding anything to your apartment.

If less is more, you’ll want each piece to serve a purpose in your apartment. For spaciousness, try using glass coffee tables that don’t disrupt the flow of a room, and sofas that are raised off the floor.

Place mirrors leaning against the wall to make the room feel larger and enhance the effect of any plant you have in the room.

This is a simple trick in small apartment interior design that can dramatically change how you feel about living in smaller spaces.

Apartments in brand new property developments are designed by property developers to maximise natural light and spaciousness, with the styling minimal. This gives residents room to move with statement pieces, and allows for hard lines to be softened room with textural pieces—think rugs, throws, and artworks.

One important factor to consider is the size of the television in your apartment, as this can dramatically change the focus of living spaces, and where you will place your furniture.

Putting some thought into this before you buy will not only give you a better viewing experience, but will let your style shine through.

4. Hide It Away With Clever Storage

If you’ve ever walked into a minimalist apartment and wondered where all their stuff is, you’re not alone.

Decluttering with clever storage is a fantastic way to make your apartment feel more inviting without throwing everything away. Storage ottomans and benches, study nooks and under-stair cupboards are the perfect places to keep things you only use occasionally, or are dependent on the season.

Property developers think strategically when planning the most efficient use of space, so make the most of all available cupboards and shelving, as well as any furniture you are planning to buy.

As space is a hot commodity in apartment developments, it’s worthwhile thinking about how to use space vertically, and whether adding some could be beneficial before selling the investment.

5. Stick to Your Palette

Mixing and matching styles to can be successful to a degree, but as a general rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to have a clear colour and texture palette in mind when you’re styling.

What kinds of timber, stone or metals feature in your apartment? How about leather, suede or plush carpets?

Some of these decisions will be made for you, depending on which property developers you’re buying from, and which packages are customisable.

By sticking to cream walls and picking up a few bold colours from a statement artwork, you can lift a space to a new level while still leaving it adaptable for a different time of year.

These are just a few tips for styling your new apartment. By thinking about your tastes, how you’ll use the spaces of you home and how your needs change through the seasons, your apartment will feel luxurious and intimate year-round.