Auction Anxiety…

Auction Anxiety…

Published by DEICORP – 19 April 2021

Sick of missing out at auctions?

A google search of the term ‘auction anxiety’ shows nearly 9.5 million articles have been written on the topic, confirming that the feeling of dread you might have about auctions is surprisingly common.

The thought of competing for a property with another 10-20 bidders fills many people with terror. And anecdotally, bidders often leave auctions frustrated and disappointed when the sale price climbs well past the price range given for the property.

Now that the Sydney property market is returning to a growth phase, and investors are also returning to the market, more and more sellers are choosing to sell their property at auction.

Buyers looking to avoid the pressure and anxiety that auctions can bring are instead looking to purchase a recently completed or off-the-plan property. In this way, buyers can undertake their inspections at the sales display suite at their leisure, without the pressure of crowds at open houses, and have certainty that the property they are interested in is within their price range.

“Many buyers I have spoken with appreciate the relaxed and comfortable purchasing process they have when they don’t feel pressured by a frantic auction and large crowds”, according to Nick Hunter, Groups Sales Manager for Deicorp Properties.

“Buyers also feel more confident when they know what the purchase price is, and know whether they can afford to buy or not.”

With auction clearance rates now at record highs, more and more sellers are turning to this method when looking to get the best price. An off-the-plan purchase on the other hand gives buyers certainty and peace of mind.

“I always recommend buyers do their research on the builder and/developer when buying off the plan. They should ask: How many apartments have they built? How long have they been in business? Do they have a strong track record?”.

As an integrated Builder/Developer, Deicorp has been operating for over 21 years with a track record of 8,000+ apartments and counting. It’s an Australian-owned company that has successfully delivered projects in more than 40 suburbs across Sydney and currently has $3.5 billion of projects underway.

Security, confidence and peace of mind. That’s why buyers appreciate the Deicorp difference. Deicorp. Experience Quality