Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2018

Published by DEICORP – 15 June 2018

Interior design trends come and go, but every now and then something sticks and turns into a classic for all apartment developments. There’s a fine line between trends and fads, so be sure to always think long-term when it comes to adopting new apartment design trends.

We’ve taken a look at what’s going to go the distance when it comes to creating chic, stylish apartments in Sydney. 


1. Non-Traditional Artwork

Artwork has the ability to make a statement in your home, and it seems that people are taking it one step further. Perhaps it’s a mural that isn’t confined to the borders of a frame. It might be a scattering of frames themselves, hung together in a mosaic.

Maybe you choose to line your entire hallway with prints, up to the ceiling, to show off an under-utilised space.

Perhaps you want to get creative with how you style your artwork, and even highlight pieces that wouldn’t normally be considered art.

Art can be fantastic for determining the style and theme of your entire apartment. Take cues from the colour palette of a piece you love, and highlight them with accents throughout the room.

Whether you go bold and abstract or sharp and sleek, take the time to think about how your choices are in line with a whole apartment design trend.

2. Indoor plants

This one might not come as a surprise. In virtually every photo of an interior these days, you’ll be able to spot a selection of plants that can bring life to any space.

Stylish apartments in Sydney get creative with plants in different rooms, and are a great guide as to how you can make use of them.

Gorgeous ferns can introduce a Cuban vibe, whereas monsteras are very popular for lush, older homes.

Perhaps you might like to introduce some creepers into the bathroom. Find something that loves the humidity and low light, and you’ll see it thrive in no time. In the kitchen, you could bring in some herbs or small productive pot plants.

As an added bonus, some plants—like the humble peace lily—have air purifying qualities too, which is said to improve sleep, concentration and overall wellbeing.

For new apartment developments, pot plants are a great way to bring nature indoors while keeping the maintenance requirements down.

3. Statement Floors pin

Floors can so often be overlooked. All it takes is a little attention, and these can be an investment that rewards you for years.

If you’re set on timber, try something a little different to standard boards. Perhaps you’ll opt for a herringbone or parquetry to catch the eye, or even a European-inspired patterned tile throughout.

The secret to engaging interior design is texture. Not too bold, this subtle design trick brings another layer of depth and sophistication to any apartment. As one of the hottest design trends for upmarket new apartment developments, it can also be considered a long-lasting aesthetic.

If you’re not confident making such a long-term design choice, experiment with diverse rug textures instead.

4. 70s Everything

It seems that cold minimalism has given way to the warmth and energy of the 70s. Think earthy tones like burnt orange and olive green, mixed in with handcrafted, bohemian and ethical signature pieces.

Loud and gaudy doesn’t have to be your style to get on board with this trend, and there are certainly ways to refine it. For a new apartment development, make the most of furniture, lamps and vases.

Buttery leathers, a hint of velvet, distressed timber antiques or a statement terrazzo entryway can also add a touch of personality.

5. Bathroom Retreats

Bathrooms in 2018 apartment developments resemble more a spa than ever before. Make the bath the hero of the room, and have plenty of storage so that you can keep all the usual basin mess hidden.

Bathrooms can have a tendency to feel cold and sterile due to the shiny and hard surfaces. When you move into a new apartment development, you might want to add your own touch. Soften yours with plenty of towels, timber or bamboo accents, and greenery. You might like to stray from the expected monochrome palette, and introduce a bold pop of colour.

Your hotel-style sanctuary may very well extend across your whole suite. Think about walk-in wardrobes for an added luxury element, or a fully equipped makeup station. Once seen as opulent, these features are appearing more often in modern interior design projects.


For those who want to stay ahead of the curve and bring in the latest styles into their apartment, it’s good to remember that while furnishings are easily changed, structural designs are not.

Choose a modern, open plan layout when shopping for apartment developments, and you’ll be ready to either stick with one long-term aesthetic, or dress it as you choose between seasons.