A New Horizon: Why the Suburban Landscape Needs Apartment Developments

A New Horizon: Why the Suburban Landscape Needs Apartment Developments

Published by DEICORP – 21 August 2018

A growing number of Australians are choosing apartment living to both save money and adapt to the competitiveness of the real estate market.

With a growing population, apartment developments in Sydney could be the key to securing the sustainability and vitality of the city’s suburbs. 

Choosing to live in an apartment has a number of benefits, and many people are surprised at how enjoyable it can be.

New apartment developments close to the CBD are plentiful, but the suburbs are yet to catch up with higher density living.

Read on to learn more about how apartments in suburban Sydney can be the answer to invigorating cultural pockets without compromising modern lifestyles.

How apartment living can be your suburban fantasy

Many people do not associate family or suburban living with apartment life.

Often they assume that apartment living means being surrounded by inner city noise and disruptions. In reality it is quite the contrary, as with many new apartment developments there is an option for everyone.

The best places to live have a range of things going on, which makes apartment living an ideal choice for suburban life. This means apartments in suburban Sydney could hold the key to invigorating various pockets of the city with new life and industry.

A higher number of new parents are also choosing to raise their children in apartments.

Why? It is an affordable living solution that comes without the stresses of maintaining a house. Families can spend more time with each other and save plenty of money choosing to live in a new residential development.

There are also many amenities to benefit from, such as parks, schools, cafés, public transport and childrens’ activities.

Changing the way we think about suburban living

Australians are the very few people in the world who idealise detached dwellings. The rest of the world, particularly cities in Europe and Asia, have grown to embed apartment life in urban lifestyles.

Within these cultures, denser living does not mean a sacrifice in their quality of life. Rather, this style of living delivers a convenience that gives residents more time to spend as they choose, as opposed to a lengthy commute.

This is a perspective the larger Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne need to consider if they are to prepare for a growing population, and also maintain current living standards.

Property development is targeting the issue by providing avenues to build lives with a unique lifestyle in areas they would otherwise have thought it impossible.

Residential property in Sydney is moving towards creating a new option for families who want the “suburban lifestyle” but need a more affordable option.

Apartment living in suburban areas give people options to live close to schools, parks and a diverse community. For those looking to start a family, you’ll be able to look into this more quickly as the deposit required will be much lower than a traditional detached home.

Apartment life also has a number of benefits that people rarely think about.

Access to a building manager means that maintenance issues, such as mowing and external lighting problems, are taken care of by someone else.

Added security measures in new residential developments, such as secure entry and parking, means that the risk of robbery is reduced substantially.

Often, a friendly concierge is available to handle general enquiries, such as the delivery of parcels and bulky items. This means you can have everything delivered to your door, rather than having it delivered to your workplace.

Choose your location

With the expected increase in apartments in suburban Sydney, you’ll have more options when choosing your favoured location, with an apartment size to suit you.

Often, buyers have to compromise on this when purchasing a house because the prices are too far out of any budget.

Apartments, on the other hand, are a cheaper alternative which means you don’t have to compromise on important decisions like staying close to friends and family.

What’s more is that new apartment developments emphasise open plan living, meaning you can entertain at home rather than heading out every time you want to meet up with friends.

Nearby parks give both you and any future children the freedom of larger spaces without maintaining a backyard, giving you more time to spend with the people you love.

When it comes to apartment dwelling, it’s worthwhile investigating the hidden benefits you might not initially consider. Property development in Sydney is booming, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to capitalise on a new apartment while the industry grows.